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Turning corner at Kerber Creek
In 2012, TU was able to partner with the Wagner family, one of the largest landowners in the watershed, to begin treating over 36 acres of mine tailings. In the past four years, 25 of the 36 acres of mine tailings have been treated, and several miles of stream have been improved on the Wagner [ READ MORE... ]
The benefit of all this diversity is dispersal of risk—in simple terms, Klamath River steelhead put their eggs into a relatively large number of baskets, and in doing so, stabilize the population over the long term.
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Winter is for fly-tying
When an angler is tying their own fly, it allows their imagination to run wild. There are countless numbers of patterns in the world and this allows tiers to try something that probably can’t be found in a local fly shop. It also provides tiers opportunities to learn more about the entomology of [ READ MORE... ]
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Why snowpack matters to trout
Next time you’re stuck in traffic due to a snowstorm and the stress levels are rising, keep in mind that the snow is good for our waters and trout. The higher levels of snowpack mean higher watershed levels and lower water temperatures, leading to higher levels of dissolved oxygen—making bugs and [ READ MORE... ]
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Happy Birthday, Browns Canyon NM
It's good to know that this amazing landscape will be preserved in its present state for future generations of anglers, hikers, hunters, rafters, campers, and families. And it's gratifying that Trout Unlimited and its partners played a major role in getting this new national monument across the [ READ MORE... ]
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Hodge receives USFS award
Drew Peternell, director of TU's Colorado Water and Habitat program, called Hodge one of the "real stars" of TU's Colorado staff. "He understands that collaboration and building partnerships are key to getting conservation work done on the ground, where it counts.”
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Thinking big, with NRCS help
“Broad partnerships and large-scale restoration efforts are essential to successful conservation, but have historically been a challenge to implement,” said Steve Moyer, TU’s vice president for government affairs, in a TU release. “By providing grants for regional partnership efforts, the RCPP is [ READ MORE... ]
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Teddy's legacy in crosshairs
We can’t keep taking our public lands and the fantastic fishing and hunting opportunities they offer for granted—because some misguided firebrands and their friends in Congress are hell-bent on taking them away from us.
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A message from Santa Fe
As one of the speakers noted, “Public lands are our birthright.” And if states and special interests succeed in taking control of them, say goodbye to access. These lands likely would be sold to the highest bidder, locking out sportsmen and other recreationists.
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Public lands: Monumental
Extremists like those who have taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge have proven that they have no interest in working together to solve land management challenges – they simply want to steal our public lands. On the other hand, sportsmen have been, are, and will continue to be at the [ READ MORE... ]