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In Colorado, the problem of leaching mines is particularly prevalent and threatens the state’s most iconic rivers. The issue of water pollution stemming from abandoned mines burst into public consciousness when 3 million gallons of polluted heavy metal-laden water spilled into the Animas River from [ READ MORE... ]
The tour showed that modernizing water systems on the ranch or farm has the potential to make our farms and rivers more sustainable and healthy in the face of drought, rising temperatures and other pressures threatening the larger Colorado River Basin.
Trout Unlimited is committed to being part of this solution—and it’s happening now. In Colorado, we’ve been working for the past several years with farmers and ranchers in the Gunnison River Basin on innovative irrigation system upgrades that improve water delivery while benefiting habitat and [ READ MORE... ]
As we pulled up to the parking area, I was a bit bummed to see a a lot of people in one of the campgrounds. We got our gear on, put our rods together, and got Sebastian strapped in to his pack. It was early and the campsites were quiet, so I was hoping to get in and out before things got busy. [ READ MORE... ]
Wildfire is a serious issue – increasingly so in the face of a changing climate – and the committee deserves praise for working to tackle the complex problems facing our public lands. But we hope the next iteration of the draft legislation provides a path forward that works for fish and wildlife [ READ MORE... ]
My fly landed right in the center of the pocket, which was perfect for how small it was. The tiny splash sent a quick shock to the otherwise calm water, and a nice size fish came charging out to eat. I set right as its mouth closed and watched my rod bend until he was finally in the net.
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Fishing derby pulls in kids
The return of the Gila trout to recreational waters has been nothing short of amazing. As recently as five years ago, the USFW service was able to successfully spawn and rear only about 10,000 fish a year, but because of the hard work by many dedicated employees and the efforts of the Gila [ READ MORE... ]
This creek is home to the Apache trout, one of the more rare species of trout in the world. These trout are only found in the White Mountain lakes or streams. At one time, Apache trout were plentiful, inhabiting around 820 stream miles, but they declined until, in the 1950s, their range was [ READ MORE... ]
The challenge sounded like fun and a great way to get into some creeks we have not yet explored. The only thing I thought would make the the challenge a little more interesting would be doing it in five days. That would mean we would have to fish a different stream each day in different locations [ READ MORE... ]
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Why forest planning matters
What I like best about the new rule is its demand for transparency and consistent public involvement throughout the planning process. Also exciting is the fact that sustainable recreation will be an important component of revised forest plans. Secretary Vlisack’s vision for the future acknowledges [ READ MORE... ]