Reduced Stream Flows

  1. Roaring Creek Flow Restoration Project

    Roaring Creek is a critical perennial tributary in the Lower Entiat River, Upper Columbia Sub-Basin, in Washington. Trout Unlimited aims to improve production of listed steelhead and bull trout in the Entiat basin, and the Roaring Creek Project has multiple objectives to further this goal.

  2. Methow Valley Irrigation System Upgrade

    Trout Unlimited is constructing a complete irrigation system upgrade with the goal of increasing anadromous and resident fish populations in the Twisp and Methow Rivers of central Washington State.

  3. Lemhi Push-Up Dam Removal

    TU's goal is to remove a channel-wide push-up diversion dam on the Lemhi River and replace it with an electric pump pressurized system to deliver 1.1  cfs.

  4. Mill Creek Reconnect and Rehab Project

    TU's goals is to reconnect Mill Creek to Big Creek, providing an additional 2 cfs base flow and 2,000 feet of reconstructed channel habitat for native fish, which are threatened by lack of healthy flows, sediment transport and refuge areas.

  5. Big Creek Culvert Replacement Project

    Trout Unlimited's goal is to enhance and expand access to stream habitat for Westslope Cutthroat and Bull Trout on Big Creek, a tributary of the Pahsimeroi River.

  6. Ninemile Valley Abandoned Mine Restoration

    Perhaps no place in Montana illustrates a more striking juxtaposition between an iconic fishery nestled within an over-exploited landscape than the Clark Fork watershed.

  7. Wenatchee Instream Flow Enhancement Project

    Trout Unlimited’s Pioneer Pump Exchange Project improves instream flow in the lower Wenatchee River to improve passage and decrease critical temperature barriers at the confluence with the Columbia and Wenatchee Rivers.  The Wenatchee River is home to a variety of salmon and trout including Uppe

  8. Bitterroot River Restoration Project

    The Bitterroot River drains 2,889 square miles in the Bitterroot and Sapphire mountain ranges in southwestern Montana.

  9. Improving streamflows in Central Valley rivers for salmon and steelhead

    The Bay-Delta Water Quality Control Plan process now in progress before the California State Water Resources Control Board presents a unique opportunity to secure adequate streamflows for cold-water fish below large reservoirs on major tributaries to the San Joaquin and Sacramento Rivers.   Thes

  10. Methow River: Chewuch Instream Flow Project

    The goal of Trout Unlimited’s Chewuch River Permanent Instream Flow Project is to reduce the effects of irrigation withdrawals on late summer through winter low-flows in the lower eight miles of the Chewuch River.


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