• From the President

    Be well. Fish on.

    When this group gets together, it’s much more than a fishing trip.

    Three men stand by a river looking at the same thing

    "Be well. Fish on." Stewart Brown wrote those words with his finger on the rear window of a friend’s dusty pick-up after a day of fishing in Colorado. It was three days before he would go into surgery for brain cancer. A few of his friends noted how much peace fishing gave Stewart through his…

  • The True Cast Fishing Trout Talk

    The True Cast: The Truth About “Euro Nymphing”

    If you want to fall for Euro nymphing, knock yourself out. But let’s be honest about a few things.

    I remember messing around at the “Toilet Bowl” run under the spillway on Colorado’s Frying Pan River with the late, great guide Kea Hause. The Toilet Bowl literally held tons of big trout, but the water was so turbid and roily (hence the name), you couldn’t fish it like you might the “Texas Bend” or…

  • Fishing The True Cast Trout Talk

    The True Cast: In fly fishing, failure IS an option… (and that’s just fine).

    I’ve found that the most dedicated anglers tend to be those who relish challenges, even simple ones like, “how am I going to trick that creature, hiding behind that rock, to eat this fly?”

    While I was fishing the Delaware River with him several years ago, my friend, author Monte Burke, summed up the entire fly-fishing experience with succinct aplomb: “At the end of the day,” he said, “it’s really just about problem solving, like putting pieces of a puzzle together.” How true! And I’ve found that the most…

  • TU Costa 5 Rivers Youth

    TU Costa 5 Rivers Club Spotlight: Sewanee

    TU Costa 5 Rivers Club Spotlight: Sewanee: The University of the South Fort Lewis College Bucknell University Sewanee: The University of the South Washington and Lee University We recently chatted with Zoë Mihalas, a former TU Teen Leader, recipient of TU’s Distinguished Service Award for Youth Education, and current president of the Sewanee 5 Rivers…

  • Fishing The True Cast Trout Talk

    The True Cast: “Replace Yourself.”

    Especially when I fish, I think about all the mentors I’ve had, and I am grateful.

    I’ve been very fortunate to have had many mentors as I waded into the wide, wild world of fishing and writing. My parents unconditionally supported the fascination I had with fish, even though they weren’t themselves into fishing. My father-in-law was probably the person most responsible for teaching me how to fly fish, and more…