• Fishing

    Tip – Knots

    Now that fishing season has slowed, it’s a great time to sit in front of a warm fire and practice your knots. Far Bank’s Simon Gawesworth walks us through knots we use regularly and knots we might use just once or twice. No matter which knots you prefer, it pays to practice them during the…

  • From the President

    The Last Score

    Memories of a generous father Dad rubbed his hands as he often did when making a deal. The guy running the estate sale wanted $600 for three paintings. “I looked it up on the internet. You can check yourself. They are worth twice that!” Dad said, “I will give you $200 for the two 12”…

  • Restoration Community

    A Celebration on the Elwha River

    Editor’s Note: This Native American Heritage Month, Trout Unlimited is celebrating and honoring the efforts of our tribal partners who, since time immemorial, have been stewards of the lands, waters and wildlife they hold sacred. We are inspired by the stories of the Nez Perce working to recover salmon on the Snake River, of the…

  • Fishing Snake River

    Love and Connection

    Ask north Idaho Spey anglers to describe what wild steelhead mean to them and you will get 100 rambling, mostly incoherent responses. But you will hear common themes: love and connection, unadulterated, unconditional, tough, infinite love and a longing for connection with the gamest fish in freshwater, not to mention the rivers and wild places…

  • Fishing Women Youth

    Joy and Wonder

    I caught my first fish with a fine, mesh net in the creek behind my childhood home. The silver minnow measured no more than a couple inches, but your uncle and I placed it and a couple others in a bucket and carried them into our house like treasures pulled from the deep. We kept…