• Trout Talk

    A summer for Plan B

    When water temperatures approach the mid-60s on your favorite trout stream, it's time for a back-up plan. Chris Hunt photo. The calendar said it was June 18. Not even summer yet. But we hit the mid-90s two weeks earlier and the heat hadn’t really let up. Sure, you could get away from it up high…

  • Boats

    It’s National Fishing and Boating Week

    Here's how you can celebrate all across the country It’s National Fishing and Boating Week across the country. As witnessed by many last year during the height of the pandemic people all across the country turned to the outdoors to provide themselves and their families with the space they needed to be with their loved…

  • Boats

    From the vault: Everything but the fish

    Editor's note: This piece was published originally in TROUT Magazine in the winter of 2019. Boating and fishing take us to some pretty amazing places. I personally of am the opinion that taking photos should tell a complete story, not just a piece of one. The below piece here is as it was published in…

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    Is catch-and-release angling all it’s cracked up to be?

    Releasing a brown trout into a river.

    Releasing a nice brown trout back into the river. Kirk Deeter photo. Is catch-and-release angling overrated? It is if the only thing that matters is numbers of fish caught…  In 1936, the late, great Lee Wulff said, “game fish are too valuable to be caught only once,” and the “catch-and-release” movement was born.  I’m a…