• TROUT Magazine

    Behind the Cover: ‘Want to see something cool?’

    Gary LaFontaine characterized fly fishing as the the pursuit of perfect moments, and I like to think this image is a good expression of that idea.

    My friend Ethan Winchester and I had met up in the northern tip of Michigan for a day of remote, small-stream brook trout fishing. After a session of sunrise bow-and-arrow casting in an open meadow, we hopped back into the truck and Ethan asked, “Want to see something cool?” We went to an upper reach…

  • TROUT Magazine

    What’s your favorite TROUT magazine cover from the past 10 years?

    As we approached my 40th cover TROUT, I asked the editors which covers they liked best, and they came up with these.

    Our team at TROUT magazine likes to think that people can judge a magazine by its cover … at least in part. The cover image sets the tone for everything that follows, so we put a lot of collective thought into our choices. Sometimes we want to provoke you. Sometimes we want to cause you…

  • Boats Fishing

    From the vault: Everything but the fish

    Editor's note: This piece was published originally in TROUT Magazine in the winter of 2019. Boating and fishing take us to some pretty amazing places. I personally of am the opinion that taking photos should tell a complete story, not just a piece of one. The below piece here is as it was published in…

  • Community Featured

    Artists in conservation

    TU is hosting its first-ever Artists in Conservation week

    An illustrator starts with a line, a photographer begins with light and a filmmaker may begin with documenting critical words from an educated voice.   Beginnings may be obscure, but the end goal is clear. Their art exists to put us in a place. It forms a connection. It tells a story. Art evokes emotion and emotion leads us to take action. Since the…