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Book Review: Upstream
Few animals have been as totemic for humans as salmon. Entire cultures of indigenous peoples in North America evolved around this fish, its remarkable life history, and its powers as a food source.
The intersection of Little Harvey Creek and Pine Creek, aptly named Confluence Meadow.   By Dave Lass and Luke Hunt, PhD
Native Redband trout, Jenny Creek, Cascade Siskiyou National Monument.  
Fishing the Bear River. This reach would be inundated by the proposed Centennial Dam. By Chandra Ferrari
Little Butte Creek is an important tributary to the famed Rogue River, and provides key spawning and rearing habitat for native steelhead and coho salmon on. Trout Unlimited is working here and in other parts of the upper Rogue watershed to protect intact habitat, bolster streamflows and restore [ READ MORE... ]
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11.2 miles
The Mill Creek Dam Fish Passage Project site, post-construction and just prior to this winter's heavy rains. The roughened main channel and side channel will make it easier for coho and steelhead to migrate past the site.
Soda Creek, tributary to the upper Eel River. Large wood structure project directed by TU's North Coast Coho Project.  
As the California Water Board considers new water quality regulations for suction dredge mining, TU urges anglers to weigh in  
Baldface Creek, Smith River headwaters, OR. Photo: California Department of Fish & Wildlife