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A better way
Tim Frahm, Central Coast Steelhead Coordinator for Trout Unlimited, admires the newly restored Carmel River above the site of the old San Clemente Dam at the celebration event on June 6.
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Connected by Water
The knowledge, insights and sensibilities inherent in California’s diversity can be a resource for the long-term resilience of our water and ecosystems if we let them. Accomplishing this, however, will require work: the work of recognizing others as having a contribution of value, of expanding the [ READ MORE... ]
By Sam Sedillo   It started with an idea. The trout, salmon, and steelhead fisheries around Redding are arguably the best that California has to offer. But there was no local Trout Unlimited chapter to conserve and sustain them.
Tim Frahm, TU Central Coast Steelhead Coordinator, pointed out that, in 1999, American Rivers ranked the Carmel River as one of America’s most threatened rivers. Today, Frahm said, “the outline of a deal is in place that—combined with the recent San Clemente Dam Removal Project—offers real hope of [ READ MORE... ]
Taking out the four dams “is the single best thing we can do to help salmon and steelhead, improve fishing opportunities, and deliver a comprehensive water solution in the Klamath Basin,” says Brian Johnson, TU’s California and Klamath Director.
Under the new-and-improved KHSA, four old, unproductive hydropower dams on the Klamath River will be removed beginning in the year 2020. This action will open up 500 miles of habitat for steelhead and some 420 miles for salmon. “This is a major win for one of America’s greatest coldwater fisheries [ READ MORE... ]
New guide helps California water rights holders understand their options for keeping water instream   It’s an axiom of conservation that people often want to do the right thing—but may not know how.
Developing a coherent, durable, and affordable response to drought—one that helps improve water use efficiency as climate change makes many areas of the West hotter and drier and water supplies are squeezed even further—requires vision and the resources to facilitate real change in behavior and [ READ MORE... ]
Can bass actually help with salmon conservation?