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The TU-KBRT merger will allow TU to expand its water program in the Klamath Basin to incorporate riparian, aquatic, and wetland restoration work, especially in the upper tributaries, that is vital to protecting the basin’s iconic redband trout and to recovering other listed native fish including [ READ MORE... ]
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New year, new hope for the Klamath
  Late last year Congress delivered a severe blow to the people who live in and fish the Klamath River, when it failed to ratify three locally-developed settlements for sharing water in the third most productive watershed for salmon and steelhead on the West Coast.
    We all know that quality habitat is the key to quality fishing and hunting. The best habitat is often found in large tracts of undeveloped country with low road densities.
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TU in California: 2015 highlights
The Steelhead Whisperer works his magic on the Klamath River.   By Brian Johnson
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Lifelong love affair
Childhood days spent wandering and fishing California's South Fork Kings River became the foundation of a man's life as a sportsman-conservationist.   By Bill Templin
By Sam Davidson   Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. I’ve always liked the layers of meaning in this aphorism. I thought of this recently at the third annual Fresno SalmonFest, where I witnessed something extraordinary.
By Brian Johnson We are down to the eleventh hour for the Klamath River.