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By Sam Davidson   You might have heard that California is slogging through a drought. The worst drought in more than 150 years, actually.
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A "monumentous" occasion
Photo: Fishing the East Fork of the San Gabriel River.   By Jessica Strickland
Fifty years' worth of subsidence in California's Central Valley due to groundwater overdraft. By 1970, subsidence of more than 1 foot had affected more than half of the valley — and in some areas had reached 28 feet.  
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High and dry
California's historic drought, now in its third year, is causing massive habitat loss for trout and salmon. In the Lake Tahoe region, TU is doing whatever it takes to save local trout streams.   By David Lass
The new-look California water bond will help boost flows and restore habitat in vital trout and salmon streams such as the Little Truckee River, the Klamath River, and the San Joaquin River.
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Back yard backcountry
Steven Kerrick in full field dress, Truckee River headwaters.   By Steven Kerrick
The object of our affection -- the Lahontan cutthroat.   By Sam Davidson It’s been hotter than Hades around here lately, so I jumped at the chance to go high up into the Sierras last week to check out a native trout restoration project.
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The Skunk and the salmon
Lisa Bolton and Anna Halligan, TU's North Coast Coho Project team, are stoked about getting "skunked."   By Sam Davidson
The Wild Trout section of the Truckee River offers trophy browns and 'bows -- and plenty of skunk days.   By Dave Lass “I got skunked.”