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'You better take care of it'
The mission of Trout Unlimited’s California Water Project is to build partnerships with diverse interests and develop projects which take advantage of California’s seasonal water abundance. For the past decade the Project has brought together farmers, residential landowners, conservation groups and [ READ MORE... ]
Salmon, steelhead, and resident trout such as this one will benefit from higher flow requirements in the major tributaries to California's San Joaquin River, including the Merced, Tuolumne, and Stanislaus Rivers.  
Trout Unlimited has a strong presence in the Lake Tahoe region. Since 2007, TU’s Truckee River Chapter, in conjunction with staff operating out of our Truckee office, has delivered a variety of strong conservation victories. Now, you can add meadow restoration in Squaw Creek (a tributary to the [ READ MORE... ]
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Fire and Steel
The Soberanes Fire on California’s Central Coast offers some lessons for protecting and restoring steelhead habitat before and during wildfires
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What's in a Forest Plan?
U.S. Forest Service releases draft revised Forest Plans for Sierra, Sequoia, Inyo national forests, invites public comment. Sportsmen and women can help protect habitat values, native trout, and angling opportunities.
Brian Johnson speaks at the signing ceremony for the revised Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement earlier this year.   By Brian Johnson
By Sam Sedillo   When reflecting on the steps that a younger generation takes in their paths to finding their passion or interests, you can usually link that path to a profound experience in their life.
Herman Garcia (L) of CHEER and Matt Clifford, California Water Attorney for Trout Unlimited, at an off-stream storage project site along Little Arthur Creek.  By Sam Davidson
TU’s California Field Director, Dave Lass, said “This finding is good news for Eagle Lake rainbow trout recovery and will enable TU and our Eagle Lake restoration partners to continue to work together with less ‘red tape’ to implement the strategies in the Eagle Lake Rainbow Trout Conservation [ READ MORE... ]
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'Dozers for Coho
An ambitious project on Mill Creek, a key tributary to the Russian River, aims to re-open access to 11 miles of prime habitat for Coho salmon and steelhead.   By Sam Davidson