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Lifelong love affair
Childhood days spent wandering and fishing California's South Fork Kings River became the foundation of a man's life as a sportsman-conservationist.   By Bill Templin
By Sam Davidson   Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. I’ve always liked the layers of meaning in this aphorism. I thought of this recently at the third annual Fresno SalmonFest, where I witnessed something extraordinary.
By Brian Johnson We are down to the eleventh hour for the Klamath River.
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Changing the conversation
A new film from a former Oregon state senator aims to spur action from the President and Congress to resolve decades-old water conflicts in the third most productive river for salmon and steelhead on the West Coast. By Sam Davidson  
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The science of steelhead
Note: Recently an angler responded to a post on the Wild Steelheaders Facebook page, arguing that instead of managing some rivers solely for wild steelhead we should use "brood stock wild fish" to create "superior hatchery fish," interbreeding would become "mute" [sic], and that this mixture
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Steelhead, rainbows and 'sneaking'
By John McMillan A few days ago, after some of my favorite rivers had reopened to angling, I made the 40 minute drive to Forks, Washington, to fish for cutthroat.
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Adios, San Clemente Dam
By Tim Frahm When steelhead and tractors occupy the same piece of stream, tractors typically win… and steelhead don’t.
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Long hike, old dog, small trout
By Jessica Strickland
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The proof's in the Pudding
By Sam Davidson There’s a little gambling going on right now in an obscure coastal stream in Mendocino County, California, called Pudding Creek.