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If you're like me, and not the perfect fly caster in the wind, you've experienced your share of wind knots that have fouled up a solid hook-set or just made tough casting even harder. Getting wind knots is easy, really. Getting them untangled? Not so much.
Editor's note: The following is exerpted from TU's newest book, "Trout Tips," available for order today. 
by Kirk Deeter
Photo by The Missoulian
New Zealanders really do have it all.  Not only do they have some of the best dry-fly trout fishing on the planet at their fingertips, but they're a short hop away from tropical destinations like Aitutaki, the "land of bones." 
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Video spotlight: Above Iliamna
Alaska's Bristol Bay is home to the most important run of sockeye salmon on earth—about half of all commercially harvested sockeye come from this run, and they provide about 14,000 American jobs every single year. This fishery, as we've noted for well over a decade, is priceless.
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Video spotlight: Chalk
The origin of modern-day fly fishing can be likely be traced to the fabled chalk streams of Britain—those clear, cold spring creeks where the art of presenting the upstream dry fly was pioneered.
Who doesn't like catching fish on top? With poppers, no less.