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Eric Booton with a nice early season rainbow trout from the Kenai River watershed.  By Austin Williams
I love the recent trend in fly fishing videos where anglers are transported completely off the grid to chase game fish in far-flung places. And I'm insanely jealous, too. 
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Video spotlight: Engler
Yeti's film series on guides is just outstanding. The latest installment, focusing on Colorado northern pike and trout guide Mark Engler, digs pretty deep into the psyche of a socially awkward kid who became a guide because fishing and hunting were the only things that made him happy. 
Dressing in muted colors, or even plaid or stripes, can help you blend into the background, making you harder for the fish to see.
The fishing rig on the banks of Alaska's Chena River. By Chris Hunt It was the first brand-new vehicle I ever bought. I showed up at the dealership, pointed to the model in the catalog and simply said, "Order it."
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Skills: Knot on my watch
The Hooke film series focusing on the people who fish is pretty darned cool. Not only do these short films feature some wonderful scenery from Scandanavia and other destinations, but they focus on the people who fish and find ways to incorporate fishing into their lives.
I was never a flip-flop guy. I chose instead to don strapped sandals—flip-flops seemed too... unstable.