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When I first started tying flies many years ago, one of the biggest challenges for me was tying hackle into the head of the fly without getting too close to the end of the hook and covering up the hook eye as I finished the fly.
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Video spotlight: Cosmo
The Seychelles might be the farthest-flung fishing destination for North American anglers. It's Indian Ocean waters, well off the African east coast teem with fishy denizens, ranging from giant trevally to bonefish and other sight-casting prizes.
Editor's Note: Five students from the TU Costa 5 Rivers Outreach Program have embarked on a once-in a-lifetime journey in pursuit of 16 native trout species, all on public lands.
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Extreme angling is all the rage these days—films of anglers chasing strange fish in far-flung places grace the internet with regularity. But the film below chronicles perhaps the craziest angling I've ever seen.
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Skills: Split-thread dubbing
One of the biggest challenges for fly tiers, particularly new tiers, is the handling of dubbing for fly bodies. For most flies, dries or nymphs, a simple dubbing twist is all you need, and it's relatively easy to master. But some flies require a body that's a bit more buggy ...
This fall, the film iteration of Norman Maclean's "A River Runs Through It" turns 25.
The fly fishing world lost one of its guiding lights this week when Tom Morgan, the former owner of the R.L.