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The culprit causing the fish kill in the Yellowstone has been identified as PKD. This is nasty stuff. Not man caused, but could be spread by man. Read the following press release from Montana FWP.  This is another example of why we MUST INSPECT, CLEAN, AND DRY OUR FISHING EQUIPMENT!  
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Bozeman Annual Meeting Update!
So, what's with this picture, you say?  Well, for the first day in a LONG time, it's overcast and raining, and I can't see the mountains south of Bozeman.  I looked at the weather, and it is going to be 33 degrees in Cooke City, MT tonight!
Attention annual meeting fishing day folks!  We now have an opening on Willow Creek on the annual meeting fishing day, September 28th!  Willow Creek is a very cool fishery, a tributary of the Jefferson River, that is accessed by permission only.  Madison-Gallatin TU had reserved all 5 rods on Wil
The following article presents some encouraging news regarding Zebra and Quagga mussel control.  Zequanox, the product featured in this article, has been around for a few years, but the article indicates that extensive testing has shown that Zequanox is both effective and safe.
Due to declining plankton populations, Lake Michigan waters are clearing, but the plankton decline has put the Lake's salmon fishery on life support. An interesting story about an effort to gather baseline info. 
For the 3rd consecutive year, the Trout Unlimited Veterans Service Partnership is pleased to partner with TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) to co-host a TAPS men’s retreat.
TU Angler Science is implementing a very cool new program we are calling "Discover Didymo Distribution" or D3, for short. The project is kicking off in North Carolina with collaboration between Dr. Brad Taylor, head of the Department of Ecology at North Carolina State University, and the North [ READ MORE... ]
  TU'ers are taking advantage of some great fall fishing opportunites in the fly fishing for trout capitol of the world, Bozeman, MT.  We have over 80 TU anglers signed up for the Fishing Day on September 28th! 
The fishing in southwest Montana has been excellent!  We do have some low rivers and have had some warm weather which has prompted Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks to implement some "hoot owl" restrictions on fishing on the lower Madison, Jefferson, lower Gallatin, and Big Hole.
Day 2 of the Veterans Service Partnership Couples trip. Slough Creek was on fire! Green Drakes were hatching and the Slough Creek Cutthroat were chowing down. It was a superb day of dry fly fishing. On day 1, we had an informal, fun contest over who would catch the first fish.