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Following is a wonderful story about the great Veterans Service Partnership (VSP) and Project Healing Waters program being offered to Tulsa area veterans.  One of the participants, Bill Dunham, featured in the story was, with his wife Brenda, a participant in a nationally sponsored TU VSP Couples
All Bozeman area TU'ers are looking forward to TU CEO Chris Wood coming to Bozeman to speak to the Montana State University Trout Collection event on April 23rd and to the Madison-Gallatin TU Chapter on April 22nd!  There's a rumor that an important "meeting" will take place on the morning of the
Congratulations to Nebraska TU Chapter 710 on the amazing job getting the TU Veterans Service Partnership/Project Healing Waters off the ground! Thank you to John Wright and Dave Jacobs for your outstanding work in the getting the program going, and in engaging the VA. TU VSP was delighted to hav
The recent TU Veterans Service Partnership fundraising dinner and auction held at the Reagan Building in Washington, DC on February 25th was a spectacular success!
Congratulations and thank you to Spring Creek TU Chapter of State College, PA for running this wonderful program for Vets!  This a great example what TU's Veterans Service Partnership is aiming for with our members and Chapters.  Well done Spring Creek TU!  If you and your TU Chapter would like t
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Unintentional Bucket Biology
This is a good article about what I would describe as "unintentional bucket biology."  What is described here is not invasive bucket biology where someone knowingly introduces an invasive or non-native fish species to suit their interest in having this particular fish available to fish for in the
During a recent TU staff call, Chris Wood discussed the results of a TU staff survey. One of the survey areas had to do with various benefits of working for Trout Unlimited. 
Minnesota DNR to proceed with Zebra Mussel project on Christmas Lake.
The illegal introduction of non-native fish is a serious threat to our wild and native trout.  Following is a link to a very good PBS show on the illegal dumping and introduction of non-native fish in Montana, and what Montana TU is doing about it.   
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South Dakota Zebra Mussel Update
Recent news on discovery of Zebra Mussels in Lewis and Clark Lake