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Hokendauqua Chapter Fly Tying Get TogetherFebruary 26, 2015
Informal Fly Tying Get Together. Bring your own tools and materials. No chage. Non members welcome. Held in the Egypt  Training Hall. See map for directions.
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Hokendauqua Chapter Membership MeetingDecember 16, 2015
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Hokendauqua Chapter Discussions
 Please verify all of the Chapter's events by going to the Calendar of Events Page on the Chapter site. The times posted on the chapter site do not always coinside with the time for the same event on the National site.
Currently the only TIC program we are supporting is held at the Catasauqua High School. The program is run by Mrs. Janet Schmitt. She has been running the program for many years before we started supporting it.
Hokendauqua Chapter annually runs a consecutive eight week Beginner's Fly Tying Class.