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Supreme Boat Raffle Winner
And the winner is... Borum Cooper of Rogers, Arkansas. (We'll post a picture of him receiving the boat as soon as we can.)
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Member MeetingJanuary 02, 2017
Darryl Ward will provide the program this month. His presentation will focus on four selected rivers in Southern Missouri that he has fished off and on since the late 70's.  His power point will include maps, pictures and time tested ways he likes to fish these waters.
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Banquet / Raffle DrawingFebruary 11, 2017
Our auction/banquet is scheduled for Saturday, February 11th, 2017. Those who attend will be the first to learn who wins the Supreme boat customized with TU colors and logo. There will be an small auction and other fun things are planned. Watch this website for developments.
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2017 Annual Fundraiser
Our auction/banquet was held on Saturday, February 11th, 2017 at the Elk's Club in Mountain Home.  
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Kerry Russell - Christmas MeetingDecember 05, 2016
Our December Meeting features Kerri Russell, Chairman for the National Diversity Initiative. In addition, dinner is on us this month. We will have a finger food buffet for all who join us on Monday, December 5th. 
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Christmas Parade Boat Promotion
What a better way to promote our boat raffle, than parade it through town? And that's exactly what we did on Friday, Dec 2nd as part of the Mountain Home Christmas parade!  
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Bill and Sara's Great AdventureNovember 07, 2016
Bill and Sara Thorne attended the TU National meeting (as did other board members) this past September. Their trip took 28 days in an RV and they fished 9 different rivers during their travels. Come and hear all about it at Monday's meeting.
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We're taking registrations through the month of May. The mission of the Arkansas White River Chapter’s youth program is to help develop the next generation of cold water conservationists. White River Chapter 698 summer camp for 2016 is Saturday and Sunday, June 18 & 19.
About Bill Thorne; National Leadership Council, Women's Initiative Chair
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Donna Cordonnier - February 1stFebruary 01, 2016