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Hands off our public lands
Trout Unlimited, Backcountry Hunters and Anglers, National Wildlife Federation, and other sportsmen groups turned out yesterday to turn up the heat on Colorado lawmakers who might be thinking about introducing legislation to transfer public lands to state control. The groups' message, delivered [ READ MORE... ]
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Finding flows for fish, agriculture
Nobody can be certain when we will see another year similar to 2012, but odds are we’ll face a comparable scenario in the future. How can we prepare and protect ourselves against the impact these short water years have on aquatic habitat and agricultural production? Part of the solution involves [ READ MORE... ]
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Two wild places, protected
Part of me believes I’ve just always taken for granted that there are no greater uses than what Columbine Hondo and the Valles Caldera currently sustain, which are as diverse, I should say, as they are substantial: hunting and fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, horseback riding, mushroom gathering, [ READ MORE... ]
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Victory on Hermosa!
To pass a public land protection bill, with a wilderness component, is an astronomical feat in today’s tough and highly partisan political climate. But sportsmen stood strong, made their voices heard, and were persistent and patient—and now 107,000 acres of public land perfectness will remain [ READ MORE... ]
TU’s comprehensive and pragmatic approach to the Thompson Divide issue has made great strides toward the ultimate goal of permanent protection. However, this campaign is far from over. In the coming months and years we will remain steadfast in our resolve to protect this invaluable resource, to [ READ MORE... ]
What I saw were individuals and groups from across the valley and state come together to protect a place they love and to support our valued public lands, fish and wildlife habitat and recreation opportunities. Indeed, local stakeholders in the Arkansas Valley reminded the Colorado delegation that [ READ MORE... ]
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Browns Canyon comes to Denver
Check this out: On a beautiful October evening, a crowd gathered in downtown Denver to watch Browns Canyon come alive on the façade of the McNichols Building, in an eye-popping display of light and images. The Oct. 17 event, called “Browns Canyon Live,” was sponsored by Sportsmen for Browns Canyon [ READ MORE... ]
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One Fly. One Day. Green River.
Travis Gillespie caught the most fish (22), using a small brown ant pattern. by Randy Scholfield
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An untold story of the Colorado flood
Sen. Mark Udall speaks at TU's LWCF event in Lyons, Colo. by Randy Scholfield
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Roan: Wild and Worth Protecting
by Randy Scholfield