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President Trump’s executive order to scrap the Clean Water Rule was not unexpected, but the bad news got worse Tuesday when we found out the Administration’s new standard for interpreting which waters deserve protection: an opinion by Justice Antonin Scalia in the 2006 Rapanos case proposing a [ READ MORE... ]
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Winter is tenkara time
Flows coming out of dams are usually low, but low water like that is perfect for tenkara. Tenkara rods are mostly promoted as a way to fish small streams and headwaters, and they are great for that. But the more I use them, the more other situations I realize they are good for.
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A climate plan on the Dolores
But the study found that other middle- and higher-elevation streams could be made more “resilient” against the worst impacts of climate change through adaptive strategies such as habitat restoration, including improving in-stream structure such as boulders and pools to create cooler refuge areas [ READ MORE... ]
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Why Planning 2.0 matters
This misguided move to repeal Planning 2.0 is a thumb in the eye of sportsmen and others who believe local residents and governments should have more of a say in how public lands are managed.
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Video spotlight: Unspoken
No, these native trout aren’t hogs. But as the film shows, they’re among the most beautiful fish on the planet. And they’re worth the attention and respect of fly-fishermen who care about preserving the wonders of our natural world.
What have I learned from this project? That the interests of agriculture producers can align with the interests of conservation groups, state agencies, water providers and other river users. It’s not just the waters of the Colorado River that are connected—so are the people who depend on it.
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Winter flows boost Conejos trout
“Everyone benefited from taking a closer look at how water could be managed for a greater impact,” Terry said. "The valley is really getting behind this program because we are talking care of our fish and our farms too."
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Restoring Lion Creek
Trout Unlimited’s work at Lion Creek is expected to improve watershed health, which will benefit local landowners, recreationalists, and downstream fish habitat and water users. Land in the immediate vicinity of the project area will be drastically improved due to removal and relocation of mine [ READ MORE... ]
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How Montana trout went wild
A great new video—“Wild Trout: A Montana Fish Story”—tells the story of how Montana’s visionary fish and game biologists, working with Trout Unlimited and other partners, restored wild trout and Montana’s rivers to their former glory.
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Lessons of the Roan
The Roan example is a lesson to remember, as the incoming administration looks at how to tackle the issue of energy development on public lands. There’s a better way, and it’s working in Colorado.