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by Randy Scholfield
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Chasing Grayling
The chance to catch a rare, exotic fish, in a spectacular mountain setting, off the beaten track, and experience a unique angling adventure—isn’t that what we love about natives?
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Trout Need Champions
A lot of anglers venture to Yellowstone country every year to fish. If you do, and you run into Rob, Craig, or Lyndy, be sure and say thanks. They are the kind of dedicated, passionate partners that TU depends upon to help us preserve the West’s last best places.
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Hermosa Creek: Seal the Deal
As The Denver Post noted, "The watershed protection plan is the epitome of collaboration. Its list of supporters and champions includes dozens of businesses and sporting and conservation groups." Let's seal the deal.
It’s an arduous journey for a bill, as School House Rock taught us, but when sportsmen and women stand unified for a special place, good things happen for trout and public lands.
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The Big T Is Back
By Randy Scholfield We’re reminded at times that river canyons can be violent, unforgiving places.
The goal of TU and partners is to restore one of the most significant native trout strongholds in the world. That lake population of native Yellowstone cutthroat, like so many other things in the park, was a natural marvel—and provided fantastic fishing for generations of park visitors, too
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Look Before You Lease
Great news for sportsmen who love to fish and hunt in Colorado: The BLM has announced new rules for managing oil and gas leasing in Colorado that should help preserve the health of millions of acres of pristine hunting and fishing lands in the state.
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'Now the fish are gone'
She paused, nodded her head and said, “I understand. I live near a small creek that runs off the mesa, and I used to go there to watch the trout swimming about in the creek. But the farmer above us dried up the creek, and now the fish are gone.” It was obvious by her tone that she missed the fish [ READ MORE... ]
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Thank you, Orvis
One of my favorite examples of corporate conservation leadership—and I cite it early and often these days—is the venerable Orvis Company, and its visionary leaders, Perk and Dave Perkins. Most people who fish have benefited (whether they realize it or not) from the tremendous conservation support [ READ MORE... ]