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What have I learned from this project? That the interests of agriculture producers can align with the interests of conservation groups, state agencies, water providers and other river users. It’s not just the waters of the Colorado River that are connected—so are the people who depend on it.
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Winter flows boost Conejos trout
“Everyone benefited from taking a closer look at how water could be managed for a greater impact,” Terry said. "The valley is really getting behind this program because we are talking care of our fish and our farms too."
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Restoring Lion Creek
Trout Unlimited’s work at Lion Creek is expected to improve watershed health, which will benefit local landowners, recreationalists, and downstream fish habitat and water users. Land in the immediate vicinity of the project area will be drastically improved due to removal and relocation of mine [ READ MORE... ]
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How Montana trout went wild
A great new video—“Wild Trout: A Montana Fish Story”—tells the story of how Montana’s visionary fish and game biologists, working with Trout Unlimited and other partners, restored wild trout and Montana’s rivers to their former glory.
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Lessons of the Roan
The Roan example is a lesson to remember, as the incoming administration looks at how to tackle the issue of energy development on public lands. There’s a better way, and it’s working in Colorado.
“It’s gratifying to receive an award like this from a partner organization in front of all of my peers at the Sustaining Colorado Watersheds Conference, especially when there are so many other talented people working in this field,” said Willis. “It also means a lot to TU because not only does it [ READ MORE... ]
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The Animas: a vision of health
“The trout are the canary in the coal mine—they’re an indicator species,” says Churchwell. “We’re trying to bring back water quality in the Silverton area that will support a healthy ecosystem—that, in turn, will support a variety of uses, from recreation and agriculture to community water supply.”
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Arizona Council honored by TU
It's gratifying when exceptional work is recognized. That happened at TU's annual meeting Sept. 30 in Bozeman, MT, when the Arizona Council of TU (AZTU) received the 2016 “Council Award of Excellence” for its long record of conservation successes—TU’s highest award for state TU organizations.
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A lesson on Cow Creek
In places like Cow Creek, the goal is to find smart, balanced solutions that keep more water in-stream, for fish and wildlife habitat, while allowing sufficient water for pastures and communities.
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In South Park with Sen. Bennet
The Master Leasing Plan provides an opportunity for locals to give the BLM feedback on what kind of management and protections they’d like to see. In simple terms, an MLP is a zoning plan to help ensure that we conserve our outdoor heritage, protect water supplies, and see that oil and gas [ READ MORE... ]