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National Public Lands Day is Saturday September 28, 2013. Get out to support your public lands. 
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Pine Forest - Nevada
Last on our list of spectacular places this week is the Pine Forest. Located in Nevada, this swath of public land is special not just for it's hunting and fishing resources, but also for the group that has come to represent it's best interests. The group – a mix of locals of all stripes and [ READ MORE... ]
Head on over to to sign up and listen to Interior Secretary chat about National Public Lands Day.
According to Ryan Flynn, Secretary-Designate of the New Mexico Environment Department, approximately 30 percent of his state’s streams fall short of one or more standards for acceptable water quality. Rivers display impairments associated with erosion and associated turbidity, organic contaminants [ READ MORE... ]
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Sleeping with the Fishes
I’m one of those people who wishes for a kind of reincarnation where I get to choose what my next life will be. I’d like to be the most extreme steelhead bum imaginable: a shed in the forest, my pork and beans as cold as my whiskey is warm, the perpetual odor of three kinds of smoke mixed with [ READ MORE... ]
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The Essence of Why
I am often asked why I choose to spend so much time out in wild country? The question always strikes me as odd. I usually respond with “why not”? I simply can’t imagine a life without wide-open spaces, clear streams and wild critters. It would be a life I wouldn’t want to live. Most people I [ READ MORE... ]
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The Evolution
I do it once a year. Me, a fly rod, four horses and a couple of dogs. When the heat of the summer is in its prime I’ll head for the mountains for a week of “Dave solo time.” I don’t do it to get in all the fishing I possibly can and it’s not about covering all the country I can. It’s about going [ READ MORE... ]
American Angler takes a closer look into the Thompson Divide while talking with Trout Unlimited's Aaron Kindle. Head over to the American Angler website to have a look at the whole article.