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Partners for salmon and steelhead
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TU's CAST Campaign
Trout Unlimited’s Campaign for America’s Salmon and Trout (CAST) is nearing completion, and we need help to meet our goal by September 30, 2014.
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Chris Wood on CAST
With every dam we’ve helped remove… with every acre we’ve helped permanently protect, TU continues to make fishing better all across America.
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Patsy Ishiyama - CAST Profile
Although I’m a California native, I think of my home water as the Henry’s Fork in Idaho, where I’ve gone for years with my family.
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Nancy Mackinnon - CAST Profile
My foray into the world of fishing began in the casting ponds in San Francisco with a label-less rod and a volunteer who thought I could use some instruction.  
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What's your favorite streamside snack?
Trail mix? Chips? Granola bars? Gummy bears? Baby back ribs? When you get hungry on the river, what's your go-to snack?
If you could be fishing anywhere right now, where would you be? High in the Rockies? Waist-deep in a coastal steelhead stream? Sightfishing to enormous brown trout in New Zealand?
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Pennsylvania Special Places
Across Pennsylvania, fishing and hunting resources are at risk. In recent years, Pennsylvania has become the epicenter for Marcellus Shale energy development in the East, as companies flock to the gas-rich area to drill for gas more than a mile below the earth’s surface.
The headwaters of three famed tributaries—Pine Creek and the Genesee and Allegheny rivers—begin their descent from a 2,500-foot hill near Gold, Pa., each flowing downstream through its own unspoiled wilderness in northern Pennsylvania.
Located in western Pennsylvania, in the middle of the 517,000-acre Allegheny National Forest—the largest continuous tract of public land in the state—a small, scenic stream named Minister Creek is one of the best wild trout streams in the region.