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Driftless Hosted Fishing Day
When Fred Young, a gear maker, TU member and avid Driftless angler, pulled over and parked above the pastoral setting we were to fish, I couldn't help but notice that I could probably jump over the creek we were about to fish — and I'm not the most athletic of folks.
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What's in your vise?
What bugs have you been tying up lately?
Numbers released today show that nearly three in four Americans who commented on the EPA’s draft Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment supported protecting Bristol Bay, Alaska from harmful mining development in the form of the Pebble Mine. Approximately 654,000 of the over 895,000 total comments [ READ MORE... ]
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If you could only fish one stream...
If you could only fish one stream for the rest of your life (the horror), what would it be?
A new report was issued by the National Wildlife Federation today stating that due to climate change, coldwater fish habitat could decline up to 50 percent within the
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TU Profiles: Marc Payne
A little over a year ago, Marc Payne won an essay contest for the right to join TU on a blogger tour of Yellowstone National Park, where he helped remove non-native lake trout from Yellowstone Lake and learn more about how invasive species are threatening the native cutthroat trout and grayling o
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TU Profiles: Rachel Morgan
For nine years, Rachel Morgan worked in a Caldwell, Idaho, fly shop, catering to the needs of local anglers, and distributing advice on local waters freely. Rachel is an upbeat lady, personable, friendly and passionate about the craft that she credits with saving her life.
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Si Kahn fights for Bristol Bay
There's a great piece about Si Kahn and Suzanne Little on No Depression.
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If you could only fish one setup...
Fly fisherman are notorious gearheads. From hand-cut skagit heads and complicated dry fly leader formula's to the jumble of rod tubes most of have stashed in some corner of the house -- we tinker, we obsess and we collect.
The Trout Unlimited youth outreach video was created by members of TU’s National Leadership Council and the Headwaters Youth staff to better explain the Headwaters program and its Stream of Engagement to chapters and councils across the country.