Alton Fly Rods

About Us

Alton Fly Rods is a Vermont-based fly rod company specializing in handcrafted, split-bamboo fly rods that can be fished anywhere in the world, generation after generation. These artisan fly rods are built using the finest components from around the world, with cork grips imported from Portugal, and silk wrappings from Japan and the United Kingdom. Alton made bamboo fly rods also feature sustainably-harvested, ebony reel seats from Cameroon; the same wood that is used to make fingerboards for classical violins and cellos. For more information and product details, please visit:

What we do

We build artisan bamboo fly rods in the tradition of the early rod makers, with a focus on durability and performance, in order to meet the demands of the modern fly fishermen.

Where we do it

Charlotte, Vermont


Email Jeff Hahn Beerworth <>
Phone (802) 318-0411
Address 151 Prindle Road
Charlotte, Vermont