Blackhouse Botanicals

About Us

Blackhouse Botanicals is a health and wellness company rooted in the outdoors life. We make craft CBD products in our chemist run facility. We believe that the power of nature combined with some science makes a safe, efficacious and clean product. We truly live outdoors and believe we are the stewards of our environment, outdoor enthusiasts know this better than anyone. Blackhouse Botanicals is founded by people committed to our beautiful natural playgrounds and producing quality products as close to nature as possible.

What we do

We make craft CBD products from start to finish that taste as good as they work. Our proprietary method takes longer but the result is worth it. By extracting in small batches, winterizing and filtering multiple times and then distilling our high quality hemp extract we can make a superior end product. We use in-house testing in conjunction with 3rd party lab testing to create each product that comes out of our clean rooms.The crazy part is, we don’t need to charge as much as some large companies do, so we just don’t. Blackhouse Botanicals was created for the greater good and that makes us feel good.

Where we do it

We make Blackhouse Botanicals CBD in our Utah Department of Agriculture licensed, food grade and chemist run facility in Salt Lake City, UT. We operate in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountain Range using premium mountain grown Utah hemp.


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Phone (435) 631-0574
Address 2148 S 900 E; Suite D
Salt Lake City, UT