Canoe Ridge/Ste Chapelle/Sawtooth Winery

About Us

Canoe Ridge Vineyard
As legend has it, explorers Lewis and Clark noticed a ridge resembling an overturned canoe on their historic 1805 Columbia River journey. Today, that landmark is known as Canoe Ridge Vineyard, the namesake location of one of Washington State’s most recognized wine producers. Established in the Horse Heaven Hills in 1989, followed by a Walla Walla based winery in 1994, Canoe Ridge Vineyards showcases wines that reflect the natural beauty and terroir of the Pacific Northwest. Whether sourced from our Horse Heaven Hills namesake estate vineyard or the surrounding Columbia Valley, Canoe Ridge Vineyard is crafted for the wine drinker with a true taste for adventure.

Ste Chapelle
In 1975, Ste. Chapelle brought new luster to Idaho winemaking, with a commitment to fine winemaking using grapes planted among the sweeping orchards of southwestern Idaho in the Snake River Valley AVA. It has grown to become the largest winery in Idaho and a hometown favorite!

Founded in 1987 in Idaho’s Snake River Valley, the estate vineyards surrounding Sawtooth Winery were once rich pastures owned by Charles Pintler. The Pintlers saw a greater potential in the steep, south sloping hills, and set out to grow wine grapes. Sawtooth Estate Winery and the Snake River Valley have gained increasing national acclaim for varietals such as Riesling, Pinot Gris, Syrah, Merlot and Tempranillo with winemaker Meredith Smith leading its program. Inside every bottle of Sawtooth lies the spirit of adventure, the mystique of Idaho, and the natural beauty that rests within the snowcapped mountains and crisp, clean rivers of the Snake River Valley.

What we do

Produce world-class, award winning wines.

Where we do it

Canoe Ridge is located in Walla Walla, WA. Ste Chapelle and Sawtooth are located in Caldwell, ID.


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