Crooked Run Fermentation

About Us

At Crooked Run, we strive to create a high quality, comprehensive craft beverage experience that encompasses the widest audience of drinkers. We accomplish this by offering a great variety of craft beverages, constantly improving our products and processes, ensuring great customer experiences at all of our locations, and fostering a company culture of education, inclusiveness, development, and opportunity.

What we do

We produce a wide variety of craft beverages such as beer, wine, cider, and kombucha.

Where we do it

Since 2013 we have operated out of our original location in Leesburg, Virginia. In 2017 we opened up our production facility in Sterling, Virginia where you can find a larger menu as well as on site food options such as Daybreak Kitchen & Biscuit Co. and Señor Ramons Taqueria. We are also expecting to open our 3rd location in Washington, D.C. in the spring on 2022.


Email Clifford McKinnen Leonard <>
Phone (804) 822-1452
Address 22455 Davis Drive STE 120
Sterling, Virginia