Financial Planning First, LLC.

About Us

At Financial Planning First LLC, we believe in the power of planning. Investment planning, retirement planning, college planning, estate planning: comprehensive financial planning. Having a roadmap makes navigating market turmoil a setback, not a disaster. It is our philosophy that no one’s future is tied to the vagaries of the markets. Having a plan empowers you to reach your goals and gives you the freedom to live your life without worrying about your investments.

What we do

Financial Planning First LLC, is a Registered Investment Advisory compiled of skilled and experienced fiduciary advisors. The firm is founded on the belief that through planning, anyone can secure his or her own financial future. This is backed by over 75 years combined experience of the advisors and staff. We believe having a plan is a roadmap to financial success. The plan is the driving force of our investment decisions and the advice we give. The plan also empowers clients to meet their goals notwithstanding markets nor the foibles life throws in our way.

Where we do it

Tucson, Arizona


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