Fish Gods

About Us

Fish Gods is an environmental company that engages outdoor enthusiasts to clean up watersheds, protecting their sustainability. The company’s mission is to be the movement that unites the largest recreational group in the world to take action and reduce pollution across the globe. In order to do that, Fish Gods is producing and selling an easily wearable and sustainable ‘Clean Earth Bag’ helping anglers to pick up and remove trash from forest and fishing environments.

What we do

We harness the power of outdoor enthusiasts supporting our products by using revenue to make conservation efforts happen quickly and effectively. 5% of our total net sales is given to conservation. We make sure to offer products that outdoor enthusiasts truly need to make a difference. Though we have many products in our pipeline, the Clean Earth Bag is our flagship example of our model. With the Clean Earth Bag, we arm outdoor enthusiasts with the tool that cleans our waters. In turn, we not only get a cleaner planet, but also an opportunity from revenue to step up and create the environmental change that we need. The goal of Fish Gods is NOT to replace, overstep, and overshadow organizations that are currently in place making a difference. Our goal is to use our funds and directly partner with organizations for research and conservation projects.

Where we do it

Fish Gods reaches anglers all across the country and even the world. The Clean Earth Bag has made it in the hands of anglers in 17 countries and every state in the U.S. Our product can be used by any angler and outdoor enthusiast in the world. Our mission is to make an impact on a global scale.


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Edinboro, Pennsylvania