Flies by Two Brothers

About Us

About us

We are two young entrepreneurs who love to fish and tie flies. Our grandfather deserves the credit for showing us how to use his vise and supplies he had from years past. We started tying just for fun and tried our own flies on the local water. Our dad deserves the credit for taking us fishing! We founded Flies by Two Brothers in 2014, and all sales proceeds go straight to our college funds so that we can study engineering.

What we do

Our virtual fly shop features a variety of Dry Flies, Wet Flies, Streamers, Nymphs, Midges, Terrestrials, and Salmon/Steelhead Flies. We have created several original designs, including our top-selling Caddis Wulff. We also offer fly lapel pins so you can show your love of fly fishing to people off stream. We are happy to fulfill custom orders of patterns not currently in our inventory.

Where we do it

As a microbusiness of two brothers ages 11 and 13, we carved out a corner of our basement for our fly-tying production facility. We build our inventory and fulfill orders once we finish our homework. We showcase our flies on our website, at our local TU meetings, and at the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival. We enjoy stream-testing our patterns at various parks in Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia.


Email Palmer and Mason  Kasprowicz <fb2bemail@gmail.com>
Website http://fliesbytwobrothers.com
Address Reston, Virginia