FlyWater, inc.

About Us

FlyWater, inc. strives to responsibly improve the rivers and streams we love.

What we do

FlyWater, inc. works to benefit the river, its fishery and riparian corridor. We are an effective and accomplished riverine consulting and construction firm located in Fort Collins, CO. Our work includes; enhancing recreational opportunities, fish ecology, stream connectivity, diversion of water or stream restoration. Being located in the West we understand the importance of water to all users and we have successfully worked to improve the infrastructure that conveys this water such as the diversions, headgates, fish ways, and fish screens to allow for a greater beneficial use for all parties involved.

Where we do it

FlyWater, inc. primarily works across Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Region.


Email Corey  Engen <>
Phone (970) 217-3182
Address 116 N. College Ave. Suite 7
Fort Collins, CO