J. A. Henry Rod and Reel Co.

About Us

J. A. Henry Rod & Reel Co. is a small Michigan business specializing in handmade, ultra-light fly rods and fine wood-working goods.

What we do

We design and assemble a 2wt fly rod called the Two-Hearted. It is named after Michigan’s famed upper Peninsula river. The Two-Hearted is designed for navigating small streams, targeting Brook Trout and angling for panfish. We package the rod in a vintage case hand-crafted from reclaimed Michigan barn wood; a nod to the fly fishing pioneers of the late 19th century!

Where we do it

J.A.Henry Rod & Reel Co. is located in Cannonsburg, MI.


Email Andrew  Mitchell <jahenryusa@gmail.com>
Phone (616) 874-1866
Website https://jahenryusa.com
Address 8069 Cannonsburg Road, NE
Rockford, MI