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About Us

About us

Wendy Krag O’Neil has been silversmithing since the early 90’s. Her earliest tutelage and deepest inspiration was provided by her late grandfather award winning silversmith Frederick Colby. During the summers of her college years, she apprenticed for her grandfather and studied silversmithing in Detroit. Keen to pursue this as a career, she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico where she spent over a decade working in silver. From there Wendy moved in 2002 to the Berkshires MA where she creates her designs and runs her business, Krag Silversmith.
“As my hands embrace the tools that have been passed through the generations of my family, I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to carry on a family tradition.”

What we do

Wendy Krag O’Neil handcrafts sterling silver belt buckles, bracelets, key chains, cuff links and charms including fly fishing themes, fish and island designs. While living in Santa Fe in the ’90s, her husband introduced her to fly fishing which quickly became a true passion. It inspired her to create a line of belt buckles and silver products that feature trout and fly fishing.

Where we do it

Wendy Krag O’Neil is a silversmith living in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Her studio is located in the hay loft of an old renovated Barn. She handcrafts sterling silver belt buckles, key chains, bracelets, cuff links and charms with fish, fly fishing and island themes.


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