Montana Fly Fishing Lodge

About Us

We are a world-class, all-inclusive hosted fly fishing lodge on the banks of the wild and scenic East Rosebud River in southcentral Montana. Our fly fishing program leadership is a specifically sought-after collection of highly experienced fly fishing outfitters, instructors, and guides that are very personable, published and passionate about their craft.

What we do

Our singular passion to share our little slice of heaven, our authentic log lodge and glamping cabins, rustic barn, historic bridge, trout ponds, and our wild and scenic river weaving through it all. At the Montana Fly Fishing Lodge our tag line, “No Place Speaks ‘Montana’ like The Ranch!” succinctly captures our sentiment and vision as a four-generation, family-run business. The lodge uniquely combines elemental features geologic, historic, and physical in nature that resonate in your imagination all that experiencing the majesty of Montana should be.

The intentional focus for our staff is on delivering a memory-anchoring, five-star experience for our clients in all facets of your time with us. From the lodge staff and accommodations, private chef cuisine to the fly fishing program outfitters/guides/equipment/service, and of course your time on all the world-class trout fishing waters that surround us.

Our goal is to delight you while you’re with us and part ways as friends looking forward to seeing each other again!

Where we do it

The lodge is located in the shadow of the rugged Beartooth Mountains, our Yellowstone tributary valley for the wild and scenic East Rosebud River provides unparalleled views and natural beauty. Our home waters are of Montana have world-class trout fisheries without the throngs of boats and anglers. “Variety is the Spice of Life, That gives it all its flavour!”… poet William Cowper. So it goes with our home waters the legendary Yellowstone, Bighorn, Stillwater, Boulder, and many smaller rivers such as the Buds and Rock Creek with nary another fisherman in sight! You’ll find yourself casting in a big, beautiful valley one day, scenic mountainous terrain the next day, and through the prairie lands the next… each day in beautiful “BIG SKY COUNTRY” on a world-class trout fishery!


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Phone (406) 780-0015
Address 2839 Hwy 78
Absarokee, MT