North Fork Ranch Guide Service

About Us

Welcome to North Fork Ranch Guide Service. Our mission is to ensure the ideal fly-fishing experience for our clients by continuing to develop our unique guide culture through leadership and mentorship while managing our fisheries for the best fly fishing opportunities. The North Fork Ranch Guide Service was established in 1996 by Kevin Gregory. The initial goal of the guide service was to entertain guests of the North Fork Ranch Lodge on the water. Now we also host day anglers as well as lodging guests on the water. As fly fishing grew in popularity, more and more guests decided to give fly fishing a try, and the popularity of the North Fork Ranch Guide Service quickly became something of legend. Thanks to dedicated management practices on our various fisheries, we are pleased to offer a world-class fly-fishing experience only an hour from Denver, where every day a fisherman has an excellent chance to land that “fish of a lifetime”.

What we do

As our guide service has grown over the years, the operations of the North Fork Ranch Guide Service have shifted, but our vision has remained steadfast. Our number one goal is to ALWAYS provide a well-rounded, custom-tailored fly-fishing experience for our anglers. From our famous managed fisheries on the North Fork of the South Platte River to our picturesque Colorado dry-fly fisheries in South Park, we strive to accommodate anglers of all skill levels, abilities, and desires. Wherever our journey continues to take us, this vision will remain the same. NFRGS will continue to teach and grow our sport, hopefully catch a few fish (okay, maybe quite a few), and see each and every client leave with an ear-wide grin and memories to last a lifetime. There is nothing more rewarding to any of us than a happy client and a successful day!

Where we do it

North Fork Ranch Guide Service operates as the exclusive outfitter for the North Fork Ranch, and are fortunate to base our headquarters, guide shed, and meeting location out of North Fork Ranch. Whether you’re looking to wade through the rivers in the North Fork Valley in pursuit of large rainbow trout, or looking to explore the South Platte River or its tributaries, we have the best selection of guided trips throughout Colorado for you. Our trips range from a wide variety of public and private water access, all led by our phenomenal guides ensuring that you have an incredible time on the water. Whether you’re looking for a brown trout, rainbow trout, or just a lovely guided trip getaway, we have a trip that is perfect for you!


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