onWater Fish: Mobile App

About Us

onWater Fish is a mobile app designed to empower anglers of all skill levels to find success on the water, while promoting conservation awareness and responsible fishing practices. The app provides users with real-time fishing information, interactive maps, catch tracking tools, and a platform for sharing experiences.

What we do

We have mapped hundreds of thousands of lakes, rivers and access points across the United States. We believe in Fishing Access for All, so in turn we have made much of this data free for users to see and use. For the more serious anglers who are looking to fish smart and off the grid, we have a selection of tools that allow you to hone your skills, timing and knowledge on the water.

Where we do it

We are headquartered in Louisville, CO but serve anglers across the US.


Email onWater  Fish <support@onwaterapp.com>
Phone (720) 316-4257
Website https://www.onwaterfish.com
Address Louisville, CO