onWater Fishing App and Digital Platform

About Us

With the most sophisticated fishing app and platform available, subscribers to onWater have full access to hundreds of angling maps—both for online and offline use—with detailed information, including access points, public and private land boundaries, fishing reports, flow data, and more.

You can track your progress on the river, record vital information that is only seen by you and kept private, and have access to a wide-array of helpful content to discover the joys of being on the water.

onWater was created by anglers, for anglers. We share your passion.

At onWater we are committed to enhancing your personal and private fly fishing experience. The onWater app and platform has a continually evolving suite of features that were created and designed for anglers by anglers.

What we do

Our founding principles—Enhance, Conserve, and Connect—shape everything we do at onWater. We provide valuable and accurate information to enhance your angling experience, dedicated time and money to conservation, and strive to connect those in the angling community.

Where we do it

Throughout the United States.


Email onWater Fly Fishing  Patrick Straub <patrick@onwaterapp.com>
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Address Louisville, CO