About Us

Founded by recent college graduate Jackson Riegler, threats to the Great Lakes watershed inspired him to create “Oshki”, meaning “fresh” in Native American Ojibwe. Growing up in West Michigan, he was passionate about the Great Lakes from a young age. As he grew in his education, he decided to start a sustainable apparel company that focused around reducing Great Lakes plastics in 2017. In 2019, Oshki became the first apparel company to use 100% United States plastic in all products.

What we do

Transform plastic waste from the Great Lakes and other US waterways into durable and sustainable clothing while donating to non-profits working to preserve the Great Lakes.

Where we do it

We host beach cleanups along the West Michigan coast of Lake Michigan, while selling our product at select retails spots in the area and our e-commerce website: www.oshki.us


Email Jackson  Riegler <Jackson@oshki.us>
Phone (231) 955-1392
Website https://oshki.us
Address Muskegon, MI