Outpost on the Nush

About Us

A truly wild Alaskan fly-fishing experience is still possible. Join us at Outpost on the Nush, where our only mission is to show you how unique the wildest parts of Alaska are. Our waters offer the elusive combination of a challenging fishery in a remote location, with the potential for you to experience the best angling days of your life.

Outpost on the Nush is one of the most remote in Alaska, where wildlife, world-class fly-fishing, and adventure exist in abundance. Our exceptional staff, experienced guides, and well-equipped camp are ready to offer you the natural wonder of Alaska at its best.

What we do

As avid anglers, who live and breathe fly fishing, we pride ourselves on educating and challenging anglers to better their skills and knowledge of fly fishing in one of the most pristine locations in the world.

Where we do it

Our lodge is located on the upper Nushagak River in Southeastern Alaska. Here, we have access to over 60 miles of river and most of the time do not see other anglers. The upper Nushagak River is a small freestone river filled with fallen trees, log jams, and small channels and braids.


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