Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods

About Us

Oyster is the only professional bamboo fly rod making shop in the world that is dedicated solely to bamboo fly rods. Each Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod is intensely handcrafted and are hand engraved in house.

What we do

As the most prolific teacher of this rod making art alive today, Oyster draws students from as far away as England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand as well as every corner of the U.S. to this southern mountain town studio in beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia. Each year, Oyster introduces a little more of the world to this traditional craft and a look into the life of a bamboo fly rod maker.

Where we do it

Oyster is a brick and mortar full-time bamboo fly rod making workshop in one of the south’s most authentic mountain towns (Blue Ridge, Georgia).


Email William  Oyster <shannen@oysterbamboo.com>
Phone (706) 897-1298
Website https://oysterbamboo.com/
Address 494 East Main Street
Blue Ridge, Georgia