RIVHAB Engineering Design

About Us

We are professional engineers and scientists working to conserve, protect, and restore natural waterways for improved fish and wildlife habitat. Our team has vast experience in fish habitat, hydraulic engineering and modeling, stream processes and geomorphology, floodplain design, fish ladders and fishways, riparian ecology, fisheries engineering, and managing construction projects.

What we do

We specialize in engineering design, river processes, and habitat assessments to restore hydrologic and hydraulic functioning and improve fish habitat. We provide all aspects of fisheries design from initial site surveying, through drafting, modeling, permitting, and construction in waterways. We’re well versed in waters protected for Endangered Species (Chinook, steelhead, bulltrout) and we specialize in designs/permitting/construction for sensitive instream work. We have a fleet of in-house UAV (drones) that capture LiDAR and imagery for monitoring, as well as bathymetric equipment to survey streams or deep ponds/lakes.

Where we do it

We are licensed for work in Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Wyoming. Soon to be licensed in Utah (or anywhere else we can work for Trout Unlimited!) We will work throughout the United States.


Email Jeanne  McFall <jeanne@rivhab.net>
Phone (208) 825-1700
Website https://rivhab.net
Address 1036 E Iron Eagle Dr
Eagle, ID