RoxStar Fishing

About Us

Crafted by passionate anglers who intimately understand and share your fervor for fishing and the enchanting outdoors, RoxStar Fishing emerged from the vision of Mike James. His goal was to revive the essence of old-school quality and service that seems to have faded from the modern fishing landscape.

At RoxStar, our ethos revolves around pride in every single product we create. We uphold a standard of excellence by employing only the finest quality materials and infusing each item with a handcrafted touch. This dedication ensures that each piece embodies not only superior craftsmanship but also a genuine passion for fishing that resonates with fellow enthusiasts.

What we do

We take immense pride in announcing our position as one of the foremost in-house manufacturers of flies on a global scale. Our relentless commitment to excellence has propelled us to this prestigious status, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Presently, our production capacity stands at an impressive rate, churning out over 100,000 meticulously crafted flies each month.

Where we do it

Originating in the United States, our humble beginnings have evolved into a global presence as a prominent manufacturer, boasting fly tying facilities spanning across three diverse countries. Our expansion beyond borders has led us to establish manufacturing hubs not only in the USA but also in Italy and Africa.


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