School of Trout

About Us

The School of Trout is a unique school for people looking to completely immerse themselves in fly fishing for trout. We only host two classes annually — one 7 day basic class and one 5 day advanced class — designed for anglers who share a passion for learning, and for the outdoors. We limit our class sizes to a dozen people or less, and we offer personal attention from some of the world’s finest fly fishing instructors. The advanced classes typically take place at the end of August, while the beginner classes usually run during the first week of October. The per-person costs are similar to a week-long trip to a quality fly fishing lodge in Alaska or British Columbia.

What we do

Our student eat, drink and breath fly fishing as they learn from a “who’s who” of instructors and presenters. Current School of Trout luminaries include John Juracek, Tom Rosenbauer, Hilary Hutcheson, Pat McCabe, Jeff Currier, Craig Mathews, Kirk Deeter, Karlie Roland, Steve McFarland, Tim Romano, Bob White and SOT head Todd Tanner.

A word of caution. The School of Trout is not for everyone. We design our curriculum for passionate students who want to soak up as much angling knowledge as possible. If you’re not really interested in improving your skills, or if you’re content to sit in a drift boat and lob nymphs under a strike indicator all day long, the School of Trout would be a poor choice.

Where we do it

We hold our School of Trout classes at the exceptional TroutHunter facility, which is located on Idaho’s world-famous Henry’s Fork in Last Chance, Idaho. The West Yellowstone entrance to Yellowstone National Park is about 45 minutes to the north, while Wyoming’s Teton Range is to the east. Students typically fly in to either Idaho Falls, ID, Jackson, WY or Bozeman, MT and then drive to TroutHunter on the Henry’s Fork for the class.


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