Talon Fishing Company (TFC)

About Us

Talon Fishing Company is a business and brand built by fisherman, for fisherman.
We understand the passion, commitment, and drive to get out, explore new water, and ultimately catch fish. That is why we are dedicated to building and creating the most easily transportable, maneuverable, unique, and stable catarafts that offer unlimited access to any waterway and other innovative products to help you be successful on the water. It is why we put that passion, commitment and drive we all share for the sport of fly fishing into everything we manufacture. TFC is a company and brand with its foundational pillars deeply rooted in the profound feeling we all experience on the water, creating original, innovative, and functional products to increase your success on the water, promoting conservation to protect our great waterways, and encouraging respect, kindness and etiquette to fellow anglers, the waters and the fish that provide us all the opportunity enjoy this sport. Built to fish as hard as you do. Find your forgotten water.

Where we do it

We are a local Denver, Colorado Fly Fishing Cataraft, Gear and Accessory manufacturer located in Englewood, Colorado. We ship to anywhere in the United States.


Email Tallyn Daniel Bronson <Tallyn@talonfishingcompany.com>
Phone (720) 984-5041
Website https://talonfishingcompany.com/
Address 8536 Concord Center Dr Unit A
Englewood, Colorado