TINCUP Whiskey

About Us

TINCUP is The Mountain Whiskey. Like “The Mountain,” our whiskey stands for something greater. We celebrate the journey, and the powerful bonds forged when people come together in pursuit of true adventure. The drink of choice for those willing to explore beyond the fences of their own backyard, TINCUP is a salute to life on a grander scale and a celebration of the hours shared on mountain time. While our whiskey is at home in the mountains, “The Mountain” stretches far beyond the rockies – we’re rooted in adventure, wherever that may take you.

What we do

TINCUP’s three expressions are a bourbon-profiled American, a bold straight Rye, and an aged Ten Year. Founder Jess Graber says, “I’ve been distilling since I first moved to Colorado in 1972. A good friend of mine bequeathed me his still and making whiskey has been a passion of mine ever since. I made TINCUP in honor of Colorado’s first whiskey drinkers and the tin cups they drank from.”

Where we do it

TINCUP Whiskey is inspired by Tin Cup, Colorado, and the rich history of whiskey drinking deep in the Rocky Mountains amongst those who came before us. Cut with Rocky Mountain Water, TINCUP’s deep connection to the western slope is what defines us.


Email Jennie  Edwards <jennie.edwards@backbonemedia.net>
Phone (970) 847-5463
Website https://www.tincupwhiskey.com/
Address 65 North 4th Street
Carbondale, Colorado