About Us

The Beginning
Trxstle founders, John and Morgan, are mechanical engineers whose careers have taken them through a broad range of industries. In 2013 they found themselves as lead design engineers for a company building locomotives and rail equipment. The work was challenging and enjoyable but working for the weekend was the norm. In Early 2015, the locomotive firm abruptly shut down. The entire staff was now faced with the challenge of finding new jobs. Making the best of an unfortunate situation, John and Morgan decided to make their own employment. This was the beginning of Trxstle.

What’s With Your Name?
How do trains find their way through the mountains? Over streams? They use trestles! Trxstle ties together our common history and the landscapes where we find our favorite outdoor activities. Whether it’s a trestle creating the perfect eddy for trout holding water, acting as a land mark on the coast for incredible surfing or an old rail line granting access to single track and pow stashes, trestles serve as beacons to the best locations for fun.

Trxstle was founded by outdoor junkies. We all have a lot of hobbies. These hobbies cross paths frequently and trips outside seem to always evolve into multi-faceted experiences. Simply put, if someone loads a bike, you can rest assured there are fly-rods tucked away somewhere. After being involved in many of these incredible trips, it became obvious that most people that enjoy playing outside enjoy doing so in more than one way. The multi-sport athlete and enthusiast is everywhere, and we want to provide quality gear and apparel for them.

What we do

We Make Products To Carry Your Gear
& Apparel That Represents You

Trxstle Today
Trxstle continues to grow and evolve, creating new and exciting products for outdoor pursuits. Our premier product, the CRC System continues to be the most versatile and highly rated rod carrier on the market. Meanwhile, our apparel lines are growing with exciting new graphic designs and technical features. Our newest release, The Geryon Bike Packing System, will come to provides never before seen ability for bikes of all kinds to take their favorite gear with them on any adventure.

Where we do it

Trxstle (say “trestle”) is an outdoor gear and apparel company. Our operations headquarters are based in Helena, MT with customer support, engineering, and sales in Olympia, WA.


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Address 2915 Broadwater Ave
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