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Dave from the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Blog interviews the biggest names in fly fishing and fly tying today. He digs out all of the best fly fishing tips and tricks to help you understand how to choose the right gear, find fish, present the fly, discover new patterns and more. Find out about new rods, lines, techniques, knots, tying tools and unheard of tips along with great stories about life and the times of some of the most knowledgeable guides, shop owners, and fisherman from around the world. Season 1 covers all things steelhead fishing. Better understand topics like spey casting, nymphing vs. swinging flies, intruders, finding fish, conservation and finding new waters. In Season 2 we switch to a focus on trout fishing with topics like euro nymphing, entomology, history and more. Season 3 focuses on Destinations and DIY fishing and travel from around the US and world. Come join us for the current season and share the stories and great memories told by these amazing people.

What we do

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This is the best way to support your fly fishing journey, our partner companies and the podcast at one convenient location. We are a proud supporter of Trout Unlimited and excited to share the Podcast and Members Society with you.

Where we do it

It is our goal to cover fly fishing around the world and currently have a North
American focus. You can find all of the recent podcast episodes at WetFlySwing.com/show where you will get all of the best tips to help improve your game. Is there a topic not listed? Send Dave a message anytime and provide your feedback.


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