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About Us

About us

Whitetail Fly Tieing is a fly shop specializing in Fly Tying Materials. There are over 13,000 items in stock including the basic materials to the most unique. We carry hooks from 8 different manufactures, natural and synthetic tying mateials, tools,books and DVD’s. Our signature products include the Brassie Hair Packers, Magnum Hair Stacker, Bone Hair Comb and Comb Holder. We hand select and process most of our deer hair so we can choose the right hides for specific uses when tying.

What we do

We process and ship orders usually within 24 hours. We welcome customers to visit the shop (by appointment) to browse, talk fly tying and fishing. We take pride in helping our customers on an individual basis find the right materials to accomplish the patterns they want to tie.

Where we do it

Geneva, IL


Email Nancy  Richardson <nancy.richardson55@gmail.com>
Phone 630-402-0423
Website http://www.whitetailflytieing.com
Address 36 Kane Street
Geneva, Illinois