Wise Wader Fly Fishing

About Us

We’re a small online retail shop opened in 2019 to bring the ThermoWADE temperature monitoring wading staff to the United States.

What we do

We are currently the only retailer in the United States to offer the ThermoWADE temperature monitoring wading staff! An excellent tool to help ensure you’re safety on the water as well as the safety of the fish, and quite possibly make you a better angler. With a better knowledge of water temps you are able to more accurately predict a hatch as well as ensure you’re not trying to pull a trout through water too warm for its healthy survival.

Where we do it

Our home base is Blairstown, NJ but as an online store, we do business right where you’re most comfortable, wherever you have access to the internet at WiseWaderFlyFishing.com.


Email Paul Francis Ruzzo III <WiseWaderFF@gmail.com>
Phone (732) 481-2335
Website Http://www.WiseWaderFlyFishing.com
Address Blairstown, New Jersey