Delaware River Fly Tri run (and fish) rules

Competitors will start with a 2.65-mile run, most of it on the Toms Creek trail runs, which is adjacent to this designated Class A wild trout fishery. Click HERE for the full run course map. Competitors must run to the end of the trail and back, a total of roughly 2 miles, and then run for just over a half-mile on the run to the first transition zone. During this run portion, competitors will try their hand at catching one the creek’s elusive, wild trout. Although we encourage you to try your hand at fly fishing (per the name of the event), we invite anglers of all tactics to participate. Please note, though, Toms Creek is regulated by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission as a Catch & Release Artificial Lures Only stream, meaning that conventional tackle is allowed but the use of bait is prohibited.   

Only one trout may be entered per person and the fish must be released unharmed back into the stream. (Click HERE for best catch and release tactics). Each competitor will be provided with a measuring board on the day of the race to provide photo evidence before releasing their catch. To make things more interesting, two minutes will be deducted from your total time for every inch of fish submitted (for example, a 10-inch trout would result in a 20-minute deduction). Just for fun, we’re adding yet another wrinkle. Fishing gear must be carried with you during the entirety of the event.