Background Information on Atlantic Salmon Federation and Trout Unlimited


Background Information on Atlantic Salmon Federation and Trout Unlimited

Background Information on Atlantic Salmon Federation and Trout Unlimited


11/14/2000 — —

Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF)

The Atlantic Salmon Federation (ASF) is an international, non-profit organization which promotes the conservation and wise management of the wild Atlantic salmon and its environment. Based in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, the Federation was founded in 1948 by individuals who shared a commitment to conservation and a respect for the majestic and severely threatened Atlantic salmon. Today, ASF is a powerful conservation network of seven regional councils and 150 local river-based organizations represents more than 40,000 dedicated conservationists in eastern Canada and the United States.

In Maine, ASF operates an office in Brunswick where it provides guidance and assistance to the Downeast watershed councils, is an active participant in Project SHARE and is restoring historical spawning habitat through the removal of dams. The Federation is the leader on addressing international and national conservation and management issues, such as eliminating high seas commercial fisheries and ocean habitat problems. ASF played a pivotal role in closing the Canadian interceptory commercial salmon fisheries and in reducing Greenland’s salmon quota in 1998. These actions saved, in 1998 alone, about 35,000 desperately-needed large spawners. ASF is also conducting research into the impacts of aquaculture on wild stocks and of the ocean ecosystem on low marine survival. ASF researchers develop prototypes for river management and assessment in co-operation with government, universities, anglers, and industry, wherever such opportunities present themselves.

The Federation publishes The Atlantic Salmon Journal, a quarterly, full-color magazine for salmon conservationists and anglers, and sponsors many educational programs, including Fish Friends, which is now used in more than 600 schools in Atlantic Canada and New England.

For further information on ASF’s conservation programs and how you can help in the struggle to save wild Atlantic salmon: visit ASF’s web site at or call us at (207) 725-2833.

Trout Unlimited (TU)

Trout Unlimited is a national conservation organization whose mission is to “conserve, protect and restore cold water fisheries and their habitat.” It has over 125,000 members in the United States. In Maine, TU is represented by seven chapters with a combined membership of over 1,500. Each chapter sends representatives to the all volunteer Maine State Council, which coordinates activities at the state level.

Chapters in Maine take on local and regional projects, including habitat enhancement, habitat protection, education, and fundraising for these activities and for research. Maine’s Kennebec Valley Chapter and TU National were leaders in the efforts to remove Edwards Dam, the first step towards restoring Atlantic salmon and other anadromous fish on the Kennebec River.

Date: 11/14/2000