Big Win for Salmon and Steelhead on California's North Coast

March 11, 2014


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Big Win for Salmon and Steelhead on Californias North Coast

Trout Unlimited Applauds National Monument Designation for Point Arena-Stornetta Public Lands

BERKELEY, Calif.Todays designation of the Point Arena-Stornetta complex of public lands as a national monument is good for fish and good for people, according to Trout Unlimited, a national sportsmens organization dedicated to conserving and restoring trout and salmon and their watersheds in North America.

This is a welcome move by President Obama, said Trout Unlimited President and CEO Chris Wood. Trout Unlimited has worked with timber companies such as Mendocino Redwood Company and other partners for more than a decade to recover imperiled coastal steelhead and coho salmon populations. The model of collaborative stewardship developed on the north coast is replicable across the country. Bully for President Obama for calling attention to one of the best public-private partnerships in conservation.

Wood also thanked Reps. Jared Huffman and Mike Thompson for their leadership in protecting the Point Arena-Stornetta public lands. Huffman and Thompson worked for years with local stakeholders, including anglers, to permanently protect this unique area.

The Garcia River connects to the ocean at Point Arena. The river provides recreational opportunities and water supply for agricultural and industrial uses in the community of Point Arena. Historically, the Garcia was one of the finest steelhead fisheries on the north coast. It remains one of the best places in Mendocino County to fish, thanks in part to years of habitat restoration activity. Steelhead are one of the most iconic sport fishes in North America, and are beloved by anglers for their power and beauty and for the challenge of catching them.

Designating the Point Arena-Stornetta public lands as a national monument is a no brainer, for fish and for people, said Brian Johnson, director of TUs California Program. This area is vitally important for salmon and steelhead and this designation is widely supported in the local community and among Californias more than 1.8 million anglers. Trout Unlimited salutes President Obama and Congressman Huffman for their vision and commitment to conserving Californias natural heritage.

Restoring anadromous fish populations and their habitat in the Garcia River watershed is critical to the recovery of coho salmon and steelhead trout along Californias north coast, said Lisa Bolton, project manager of Trout Unlimiteds North Coast Coho Project. The North Coast Coho Project started on the banks of the Garcia River more than a decade ago. Thanks to President Obama and Congressman Huffman, the Garcia River will continue to function as a source of water supply and as a popular steelhead fishery for future generations to enjoy.

TUs North Coast Coho Project is a unique public-private partnership with timber companies on Californias north coast dedicated to restoring important habitat and fish passage and to recovering steelhead and coho salmon, that latter of which is listed as endangered in California. Since the projects inception, Trout Unlimited has raised and invested millions of dollars in salmon and steelhead restoration in the Garcia River watershed.


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