Grand Canyon, One Step Closer to Permanent Protection

WASHINGTON D.C. (October 30, 2019) – Arizonans have no greater treasure than the Grand Canyon, and the passing of H.R. 1373 in the House today ensures that permanent protection for this special place is one step closer to becoming law. The Grand Canyon Centennial Protection Act shields the land and water around the Grand Canyon from uranium mining in perpetuity.  

This bill was designed to protect, for current and future generations, the watershed, ecosystem and cultural heritage of the Grand Canyon. With broad support from hunters and anglers, businesses, conservationists, environmentalists and recreationists, the passing of this bill in the House is celebrated across the state.  

“Trout Unlimited worked tirelessly to assist Representative Grijalva to ensure hunters’ and anglers’ concerns were addressed, gain support among other members of Congress, mobilize sportsmen to speak up for this special place, and work with businesses to ensure this area is protected permanently,” said Nathan Rees, Arizona field coordinator for Trout Unlimited. “Mining, including uranium mining, is important for our economy and modern way of life, but there are places to responsibly mine and places that are too special to mine.” 

“We wouldn’t be here today without a truly historic level of dedication by people across the country, and I want to thank all the tribes, outdoor advocates, businesspeople, sportsmen and sportswomen, and everyday Americans who have poured their heart and soul into this fight to protect the Grand Canyon,” said Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva, Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee. 

A sincere thank you goes out from Trout Unlimited to all those who assisted in getting this important piece of legislation passed through the House of Representatives. Our work, however, is not complete. Now that the House has passed this important legislation, we need the Senate to take action to protect the Grand Canyon for generations to come.   

About Trout Unlimited:  

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